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Klabin Eco Development, LLC  is a real estate holding company who redevelops commercial properties.  Klabin Eco uses energy efficient and sustainable practices making these newly renovated buildings available for lease to higher use tenants.  Klabin Eco currently owns and manages 34,000 square feet of interior space on 2.3 acres in Essex County NJ.

All properties are renovated to our own efficiency standards, recycling and replacing all inefficient windows and doors, mechanical systems, painted surfaces, and roofing.  All material that has scrap potential is recycled, with over 20 tons of light iron, copper, and aluminum recovered from our projects.  Asphalt roofing is eliminated and replaced with TPO reflective roofing with additional roof insulation. 71 Village Park Road has a 58 kW watt solar array and provides 100% of the building’s electricity requirements on an annual basis.  The array produces approximately 60 megawatt-hours annually.

Efficiency and interior occupant health are also a priority, so all electric and water usage uses efficient fixtures.  Low flow fixtures, on-demand water heating, LED and T5 lamps and occupancy sensors for common lighting, and high MERV filters are used.  Additionally no-VOC paints are used, as well as formaldehyde-free fiberglass insulation.  Daylighting is incorporated in to all studio units offering natural light throughout open floor-plans.  Projects are under the direction of Justin Klabin, managing member of Klabin Eco.

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